23 Jan 2012


(23 JAN.) We've got some (mainly) reassuring news coming from down under as Kim should be 'ready' for her quarterfinal match at the Australian Open. On Monday morning Kim practised behind closed doors for about an hour. It was no intensive session as Kim's lightly swollen ankle still prevents her to move freely, leaving her with 70-80% mobility.

However, Sam Verslegers – Kim's personal physio – thinks she will be in sufficient form to play. 'We know Kim won't play pain free. We know she won't be able to move like she's used to. But what we're trying to do is keep everything under control. Kim's also had trouble with her neck over the last few days and we're still keeping an eye on her hip. But as of now, everything is under control.' 

With some rest, a good tape and painkillers, I believe Kim should be out on Rod Laver Arena to fight for a semifinal spot. But we still have to wait until tomorrow (Tuesday) to see how the injury evolves as it is usually after 48 hours that the ankle is the most swollen. But there isn't much we can do about that. One thing is for sure: Kim will give everything.'

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