21 Nov 2010


Nov. 21 • On the occasion of the Universal Day of Children (Nov. 20), Kim and Brian payed the European Parliament a visit on the 19th. A SOS Children's Villages Ambassador, Kim called for EU decision-makers to strengthen families and end child poverty. Kim and Brian came with a present: a painting picturing Kim, Brian and Jada, and made up of more than 2,000 smaller family portraits sent by Ketnet (one of Kim's sponsors) viewers and SOS Children's Villages.

"Children not growing up in a family face a heightened risk of emotional insecurity, educational failure, abuse and violence", Kim pointed out. "These are the harsh facts. Not only in third world countries, but also here in Europe. That’s why you’re here, at the very heart of the European Institutions, debating. That’s why we’re here, supporting your debate. It should be a basic right for every child to grow up in the warmth of a family." 

The European Union was represented by VĂ©ronique de Keyser, Member of the European Parliament, and Philippe Courard, Belgian Secretary of State for Social Integration and Combating Poverty (Belgium holds the EU Presidency until the end of 2010).

Here is the official SOS Children's Villages website, check it out for more information on the project!