6 Aug 2010


Aug. 6 • Hi guys, just to let you know that Kim has arrived in Cincinnati! There is also a new post that has been published on her official blog. Here it is!
After 'Best of Belgium' we left for the United States immediately. It was nice to see the family again. This first holiday didn't last long though, as we had to go over to New York soon to play games for the WTT over there.  
After that short period of resting without my racket at hand, I had to get adjusted again. That's why I was quite nervous. As the 'star' of the team they expect you to actually win games there.  
I had to, or better said, I had the opportunity to play doubles with John McEnroe. It was my first time on the court with him, but it was great! It was all very playful and funny. But Big Mac is still a very good player. His volleys are incredibly precise! He still moves well too, you know. But it's funny to see how his style of tennis is not practised anymore nowadays. 
Luckily, my next matches (a doubles and the singles against Martina Hingis) already went a little more smoothly. With a large part of the family watching, it could only be a great day! Afterwards we immediately returned to our home in New Jersey. We had a lot of family and friends over to catch up on things. Just some chairs in the garden and something to drink or eat. Jada gets to see her cousins again and as you can guess she is always excited about that. Every year we have pictures taken of the three of them. They don't get to see each other that often and that way the grandparents and the rest of the family have something nice to remember them by. 
This year Jada went to summer camp for the first time. It is like kindergarten during summer, right next to the club where I train. She loved it and her English has improved a lot. We have also been cycling a lot over here. There is a cycle path that goes straight through the woods, where you can see deers right next to the road. Or we go to one of the many public sports complexes to play soccer or basketball. When we do that it's mostly in the morning, it is very hot over here. 
I also kept up my physique the entire time and two weeks ago I started tennis training again. In the beginning that was hard. The disappointment about Wimbledon lingered for a long time. Only after talking about it a lot with Brian and Wim and taking the time I needed, I was able to turn that page over. We have focused a lot on competition-specific details and my serve. These last few days we have been playing sets, and everything is as it should be again. 
So now I'm looking forward to the Cincinnati tournament. We will be heading there soon. The next few days I will be training with a few other girls in order to find the right rhythm again. And then: bring those games on! You have to have been playing some matches in order to reach your best level. 
Enjoy the rest of summer! 

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