21 Aug 2010


Aug. 21  Kim's run to a second title in a row on summer hard courts came to an end yesterday, as Vera Zvonareva proved too strong for our No.1 Belgian player, beating her 6-2 3-6 2-6. Although Kim managed to produce some high-level tennis at times, she still lacked consistency, which has been a problem for her for quite a few months now. But one has to give Zvonareva credit; outplayed in the first set, she managed to stay cool to put herself back on track and to close it up in the third.

Between the second and third sets, Kim called the trainer and got her thigh strapped. When she returned to play, her movement seemed a bit restricted, although this is clearly not what cost her the match.

Check Kim's and Vera's comments:
"She might have had some movement problems, but players as good as her can still play very well even if they're injured, so you cannot think about what's going on on the other side", Zvonareva said. "I had to keep doing the same thing."
"It gradually got tighter and tighter", said Kim. "I was still able to move and hit the ball, so I don't believe in giving up. I'll take a few days, a lot of treatment, stretches and make sure it's all relaxed."

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