26 Mar 2012


EDIT REGARDING KIM'S INJURY: It's a torn right hip muscle. She'll have to rest for about four weeks and should then be ready for Madrid. She's still in the USA right now and will fly back to Europe next week.

Today saw the rise of rumours around the net, stating that Kim might retire earlier than expected ('earlier' meaning 'immediately'). However, these have been denied by Kim herself.

As we told you earlier, there had been no official mention of an early retirement so far. In a post match TV interview in Miami (after losing to Wickmayer) Kim only mentioned the need to look back and evaluate the last few months so as to try and see what could be thought about in order to make it all easier on her body which is struggling to keep up with Kim's intensive playing style.

Following that post-match interview, several media suggested Kim was going to stand back and think it over, which is indeed true. But what Kim and her team are going to think about is not whether she'll pick up the racket again, they'll rather try to rethink her training routines and make adjustments to her schedule. Kim is not going to quit like this!

She even took to twitter today to clear things up for good...

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