22 Jun 2012


(22 JUNE) Kim has withdrawn from her semifinal match at the Unicef Open in Rosmalen with a slight abdominal injuryKim's stomach muscles hindered her and made it quite painful for her to serve during her quarterfinal match and especially in the second set.

The abdominal injury is by no means a muscle tear; an irregular muscular fibre structure was diagnosed in 's Hertogenbosch.

This is thus a precautionary measure, taken in order not to jeopardize Kim's taking part in her last Wimbledon.

'We've made this decision because we know it's the right thing to do given the circumstances', Kim reacted. 'I’m really disappointed about my injury and I feel terrible about pulling out, especially as it is so close to home and many fans have been supporting me here. If I could keep playing here I would, but with my injury history in this area, this was the smart decision to make ahead of the next few months.'

Sam (Kim's physical coach): 'We did not want to take any risks. A few days of rest should really be enough for Kim to feel better and we're ideally even hoping for a full recovery come Monday.'

Kim should indeed start her last Wimbledon (against Jelena Jankovic) on Monday.

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