12 Oct 2011


OCT. 12 • Kim's revalidation process is going as well as it gets and she should be more than ready for the Diamond Games in Antwerp on 8 December. Kim has been training different parts of her physical condition (a.o. strength, speed), and has now resumed tennis practice too (3 to 4 times a week).

The physical condition training sessions will gradually turn into tennis practice sessions, as Kim's injuries seem to respond quite positively. If things keep going this way, Kim feels she will definitely be ready for the Diamond Games exhibition at the end of the year, and then for the start of her 2012 season in Brisbane on 1 January.

On a lighter note, Kim has spent most of the last weeks taking care of her family and trying new recipes. She now also works closely with a nutritionist in order to adapt the type and quantity of food she eats before training sessions.

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