10 Aug 2011


AUG. 10 • Bad luck for Kim again... At night in Toronto, Kim was leading Chinese qualifier Zheng Jie 6-3 1-2, when she had to retire from the match due to an abdominal injury.

'During my warm-up today I felt my left stomach muscle really, really tight', Kim said. 'Before the match I got taped to try and protect the muscle as much as possible, but it just went worse and worse. I already had an ultrasound here on-site, and I have a partial tear in my left stomach muscle. There are a few weeks left before the US Open. I'll do everything to be ready.'

This is what her coach Wim Fisette had to say: 'We won't make it for Cincinnati and hope she'll be able to take part in the US Open. Kim will remain in Toronto a few days to be treated. This is a real pity as we had been training really hard in the last couple of weeks.'

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