23 Sep 2011


SEP. 23 • Kim's sports marketing agency Golazo has announced today that Wim Fissette is no longer coaching Kim. The pair had been working together for long but Wim became Kim's full-time coach at the beginning of Kim's 'second career', in 2009.

Their collaboration proved to be rather successful, with Kim winning three majors and regaining the No.1 spot. However, Wim Fissette had not felt quite at ease recently and found it a bit difficult to find his place since the arrival of Carl Maes (Kim's former coach) in the team earlier this year.

Kim reacted, saying that 'it is a real pity that Wim leaves. I would like to thank him for the wonderful years we have worked together and wish him all the best. I feel pretty good and am very motivated to get ready for the new season.'

16 Sep 2011


SEP. 16 Kim was in Bande today to visit the SOS Children's Villages, of which she is the ambassador. She first visited the facilities and spent time with the kids.
Then during the press conference, Kim announced that she would give (in agreement with her sponsor Kia Motors) a car ― the brand new Kia Rio ― to the organisation as to make it easier for the kids to go to their activities.
Kim also announced the launch of a Facebook campaign on Kia's official Facebook page. Indeed, for each new 'like' on Kia's page, the sponsor will give 1 euro to SOS Children's Villages. Don't hesitate to like this page and this one too!

'As you all know, I'm a tennis player but above all I'm a mother', said Kim. Jada, Brian and I are a happy family and it's great to see one's daughter evolve in a warm environment. Sadly, not all kids have the opportunity to live in such a sphere so we have to take action and do something about it, so that all children get the chance to grow up in a place where they feel at home.
This is why I'm really proud to be part of this beautiful project since March 2010, as its ambassador, and that my sponsors join in on the effort.'

As far as tennis is concerned, Kim's into the last stage of her revalidation process and should resume tennis training in October, with the Diamond Games (December) as her first real comeback to some kind of competition.
Her first official tournament will be Brisbane in January, leading up to the Australian Open.

For more info on SOS Children's Villages, visit the organisation's official site.